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Thursday, March 15, 2012



The sun is sinking below the horizon of dreams,
Filling me with the disquiet of promises broken.
The shadows are creeping out of the corners
And I will be consumed by the darkness.

I can feel myself breaking into tiny pieces,
Everything spilling from me in a torrential downpour.
My control is shattering with the sinking sun,
And soon, I'll be left with nothing of myself.

Raw and vulnerable; open wounds festering.
Splayed out on a bed of half-truths and lies.
My will is bleeding out of me, pooling beneath me,
Mocking me for my weakness and lack of control.

The shadows keep getting closer and closer.
Until the last rays of light disappear below the horizon,
Plunging my world into darkness and despair.
The sun has left, and took my hopes with it.

Hopeless tears run down my cheeks in rivulets.
My mouth opens, but my scream is swallowed up by the night.
There is nothing left of me now to save.
Nothing left but a shell of what I once was.