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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Favorite FaceBook Shares

So, I added somebody from GA onto FaceBook, and then I went on his page. 3 guesses as to what I found?

Oh, that's right. You don't need to guess, because you can see it. :P

 Also from FaceBook, we have attitude comments. :D 

 Don't you just love Daffy? I sure do! :P

Who doesn't love a dog in glasses?


Strangely, I am not offended by this obvious dig about women. =/ 

Truly, this is the best dog ever. :D


How true this picture may turn out to be...

Is this true for any of you? :P

I guess he lost the memo that said "Buy Viagra."

*Turns around and leaves noisily*

Now that's just mean. :P


They DO look like little tadpoles n every pic I've ever seen... =/


Mmm. Has anybody had this happen to them? I have. It really is awkward.


I dunno... I kind of think the scrawny half is hot. :P

Definitely me in the mornings. Mornings are cruel and vile.

I hope you guys liked the pictures, if not my little comments on them. :P

Do you have a favorite?


  1. Love the pictures, and how funny is that soap dispenser! Someone is a comic genius.

    1. LOL

      Ikr? The wonders you can find on Facebook...